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The ADHD team at Ashford and St.Peter's Hospital consists of four Consultants (Dr Bozhena Zoritch, Dr Wajdi Nackasha, Dr Sethu Waryjar, and Dr Meenakshi Tanwar) and one ADHD specialist nurse (Mrs Angela Hraib). The team secretariy is Mrs Ann Gladwell.

The team combines many years experience in not only ADHD but also other problems such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Tourrette's syndrome and learning difficulties, all of which are commonly seen in children with ADHD.

Our team is experienced in managing children's physical health problems as well which is important not only in the initial assessment but also monitoring side effects when children are on ADHD medication. We have excellent link with both our Paediatric colleagues and specialists in CAMHS teams.

We have instigated innovative treatment packages using evidence based interventions such as Barnardo ADHD parenting program, Positive Parenting Program, Why Try motivational program for adolescents with ADHD and Webster Stratton "The Incredible Years" Program. We offer school liaison and we also link with Behaviour Support Team within LEA.

We accept referrals from GP's but School Nurses are also encouraged to discuss patients who might benefit from referral. The GP's and nurses are encouraged to use assessment questionnaires on this site.

For ADHD/ADD screen we recommend SNAP for parents and teachers, Strenghts and Difficulties for parents and teachers and School report. For Autistic disorders screen we recommend adding Australian scale questionnaire.
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