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ADHD has a high profile in the media and there is an enormous amount of information about it on the Internet. While much of this is helpful, users should be aware that its accuracy and authenticity cannot be guaranteed, and some information may be out of date.

Useful web sites include:
  • NHS Choices ( includes downloadable information about ADHD and a short list of support groups.

  • This offers a broad range of information about ADHD and includes addresses for local support groups and chat room facilities for adults and children.

  • The web sites of medical organisations may also offer information for parents/carers that can be downloaded; one example is the Royal College of Psychiatrists at

  • The web site of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence has a public domain; this includes a summary of its guidance on the treatment of ADHD with methylphenidate and very comprehensive document on diagnosis and treatment of ADHD (


  • - Web based parent information on ADHD. Includes link to ADDITUDE magazine.

  • - web information for girls with ADHD

  • - Office for Advice, Assistance, Support and Information on Special needs

  • - UK Adult ADHD network

  • - A website for families and professionals on ADHD and crime

  • - The National Autistic Society (Surrey Branch)

  • - Developmental Cordination Disorder (DCD)

  • - UK ADHD Partnership: A professional advisory organisation with the aim to educate and promote awareness of ADHD to professionals and decision makers and to influence policy initiatives.

  • - Coaching for children and young people with emphasis on fitness, nutrition and good quality sleep.

  • - The ADHD Foundation, in partnership with individuals, families, doctors, teachers and other agencies.

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